Welcome to Vesuvius

The Company was listed on the London Stock Exchange on 17 December 2012. For this, our first year of existence, we are pleased to introduce the Vesuvius business, its values and commitments and its strategy.

"The trust of our customers is based on our unique technological capability to improve our customers' manufacturing processes."

franÇois wanecq,
chief executive

Microscopy sample

Image: Microscopy sample — Vesuvius R&D

Vesuvius is a global leader in metal flow engineering, principally serving the steel and foundry industries with customised products, services and technologies that make demanding applications possible.

Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that enable our customers to improve the performance of their manufacturing process and reduce energy consumption, whilst providing each employee with a safe workplace where he or she is recognised, developed and properly rewarded.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver sustainable, profitable growth and provide our shareholders with a superior return on their investment.

Vesuvius is a community of experts. Present around the world, we deliver solutions to our customers to improve their efficiency. The services we offer encompass design and engineering, products and operations management. Our global network of manufacturing facilities brings us within reach of our customers, serving them in real time, with the capacity and flexibility they need to respond to their markets' demands. Our research and development effort allows us constantly to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our offerings.

The strategy we operate is to concentrate on our main field of historical expertise — molten metal casting technology — and to enlarge our offering through technological advancements, increased measurement and control of our customers' production processes, and innovative services. Serving principally the steel and foundry industries through our Vesuvius and Foseco brands respectively, we also selectively participate in other industries where we can apply our unique capabilities to deliver profitable business.

Our proximity to customers around the world is driven by our commitment to support their operations on a continuous basis, supplying custom-made consumables on a real time basis — all aimed at never letting them down. From this support structure we have built a business model that brings continuous improvement solutions for our customers' processes over the long-term, evidenced by the long-standing relationships we have established with our major customers in our target markets across the world.

The trust of our customers is based on our unique technological capability to improve our customers' manufacturing processes. We continuously invest in technology to maintain and enrich this capability, with a balance between fundamental knowledge improvement and product development. This investment in research and development has placed Vesuvius and Foseco at the forefront of technological advancements driving the metal casting process, and we are the inventors of the majority of the solutions that are today's state of the art. We continue to work on the future breakthroughs of our industry.

Meanwhile we are developing our capability to supply additional technical services through real time data capture and interpretation based on our expertise in metal flow simulation. This will help our customers to improve the efficiency of their core technology, enabling them to produce better metal which not only has higher performance, but is more consistent and less costly, whilst at the same time producing lower greenhouse gas emissions.