The continuous casting of steel is a highly demanding process that is critically dependent upon consistent product quality and optimised production. Vesuvius provides systems, products and services that allow steel mills to control the flow of metal and protect it from oxidation and chemical contamination, increasing productivity, enhancing the quality of steel and improving the safety of the casting process, while representing a fraction of the customer's total production costs (typically less than 1%).

Steel Flow Control products supplied by Vesuvius include: the Viso product range, which are isostatically pressed alumina graphite refractories to channel and control the flow of steel from ladle to tundish and from tundish to mould; slide-gate refractories for furnace, ladle and tundish slide gate systems; temperature measurement and slag level detection, tundish and mould fluxes and control devices to monitor and regulate steel flow into the mould. These products have been designed to resist extreme thermo-mechanical stresses and corrosive environments. They must withstand temperature changes from ambient to 1,600ºC in just a few minutes, while resisting liquid steel and slag corrosion for many hours. The majority of these products are consumed during the process of making steel and some must be replaced frequently. Demand for Vesuvius' products is thus primarily linked to steel production volumes.

Products of the Advanced Refractories product line include specialist refractory materials for lining steelmaking vessels such as blast furnaces, ladles and tundishes. These are in the form of both monolithics and, to a lesser extent, refractory shapes (e.g. bricks, pads and dams). Vesuvius is one of the world's largest manufacturers of monolithic refractory linings for vessels subject to extreme temperatures, corrosion and abrasion. Key success factors in the Advanced Refractories product line are installation technologies, products adapted to fit customers' processes and effective and efficient logistics services, these factors being successfully combined by Vesuvius' R&D centres, its knowledge of customers' processes and its project management capability.

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