Foundry Technologies

Foseco's products are largely single-use by nature, as they are either consumed or transformed during contact with the molten metal during casting. In a typical foundry process, these products may be used in the melting shop, core shop, moulding line and pouring stages. Using the chemical binders and refractory "paints" of Foseco, the customer foundries prepare the sand moulds and cores, the quality of which determines the precision and surface finish of the final casting. As liquid metal is transferred from the melting furnace to the casting line, it may be in contact with the molten metal transfer products of Vesuvius, such as insulating ladle linings, and be modified and conditioned by metal treatment equipment and additives. Foseco's ceramic filters are used within the mould to remove impurities and reduce turbulence during pouring, thereby reducing scrap and improving the mechanical properties of the finished casting. Its feeding systems are also important in the reduction of material waste and improvement of casting quality: its exothermic feeding aids may be employed in the mould to provide secondary heat sources that can control cooling, minimising the adverse effects of shrinkage during solidification, helping to optimise the yield and the quality of the finished casting.

Revenue for the Foundry Technologies product line is broadly split by end-market as follows: general engineering 28%, light vehicles 25%, construction, agriculture and mining 18%, medium and heavy vehicles 15%, railroad 4%, pipes and fittings 2% and other 8%.


Fused Silica

Vesuvius is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fused silica refractory products. Its Zyarock® fused silica product range is used in a wide variety of highly — demanding industrial applications, such as glass melting and transformation and steel and aluminium casting.

Vesuvius also supplies a wide range of fused silica refractories for the manufacture of flat glass and the shaping of safety glass for the automotive and architectural industries.