7. Restructuring charges

The restructuring charge for the year from continuing operations was £57.0m (2011: £7.0m) and arose in connection with initiatives that included redundancy programmes, the downsizing or closure of facilities, the streamlining of manufacturing processes and the rationalisation of product lines. Of the total charge, £46.3m arose in connection with the actions taken during 2012 to downsize the Solar Crucibles operations of the Foundry division. Of the total charges of £57.0m, £40.8m represented non-cash asset write-offs, with the remaining £16.2m of total charges comprising cash-related costs in respect of redundancy and other cost-reduction initiatives. The net tax credit attributable to these restructuring charges was £4.6m (2011: £1.4m).

Cash costs of £11.4m (2011: £9.3m) were incurred in the year in respect of the restructuring initiatives commenced both in 2012 and in prior years, leaving provisions made but unspent of £17.1m (note 35) as at 31 December 2012 (2011: £12.0m), of which £5.6m relates to future costs in respect of leases expiring between one and ten years.